Saturday, March 24, 2007

Food, a thought...

Guys I admit, I am feeling hungry! But I am stuck at a place where I do have internet but no food in sighting... so I got to cook myself and it better be something whose taste is alien to my buds otherwise it will be hard to swallow! So I decided I will check out which websites offering exotic recipes. I hit upon channels like,,,,,,,,,, and But the one which really attracted me is is like Youtube+Orkut+Google+FoodChannels rolled into one! It turns out to be the best one in the lot for several reasons. It is well designed; probably the only site which has kept young users in mind and it has got great videos! Look and feel is Web 2.0 with expanded shot on mouse-over, a class apart. Anyone can register and upload their recipe (youtube for food?). I liked browsing via the Featured-Blogs section and since the videos are rated by the user, I could easily guess which one to check out (keyword are really helpful)! The whole visual appeal is tempting, believe me, you guys will drool while browsing this channel. I am settling for Baked-Potato-with-Onions ( as it sounds easy (?) and I am not aware of how it will taste!
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Welcome to, your food channel. Celebrate your love of food, share your culinary skills and food experiences through videos, recipes and blogs. Its all about food, family, friends and fun.
Latest Event The Culinary Arts Festival of India was held in New Delhi between 8-10th March. was there to cover the event. Watch this space for footage of some amazing food at the festival.
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